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Granny Whole-Chicken Teaches Patience

While I’m working on a photo-filled post about our fabulous and deleterious adventures in San Francisco (don’t worry, I won’t name names) I have someone I’d like you to meet. This is Granny Whole-Chicken. She says you should be patient … Continue reading

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Today I am taking an unprecedented turn away from the bitchy, snarky and foul-mouthed persona which I have decided makes you all love me so much to talk about something serious. Seriously. So there’s a campground on Mt. Hood which … Continue reading

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I Fucking Hate Bobble Heads

I fucking hate bobble-heads. Why would I, a fabulous person, want a cheap, plastic 3-D cartoon version of Betty White nodding at me inanely from my dashboard? Moreover, why would a fabulous person like Betty White ever want to be … Continue reading

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The Seat of Power: Musings on Neil Goldschmidt’s Vibrating Ass Pillow.

Admittedly a human is nothing more than a balance between good and evil. And in weighing Goldschmidt, on which side should the pillow come down? This pillow brought something to him, be it good or bad. To us, it brings only questions. Continue reading

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Perfection Has Feathers

This is a tippet. Emily Dickinson wore one, so obviously you plebs would know nothing about it. This might be the loveliest thing ever. I’m totally making myself one, so if you happen to raise ostriches… I’ll be needing feathers.

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I Hold the Keys, Bitches

People say to me all the time; “Sara, you’re so glamorous, so well-informed! What is it that you do for a living?” You mean aside from being fucking awesome? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m a concierge. Now most of you … Continue reading

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