San Francisco Part I

San Francisco, July 2010

First night: Coming over the bridge, Ah, pretty! The drive to Ocean Beach at night, Golden Boy slices and friendly bars.

We went to San Francisco, the “Happiest Place On Earth,” a few weeks ago and had a marvelous time, of course. As I told some whiny person the other day, only boring people are bored. So let that be a lesson to you!

Anyhow, after a minor incident at the airport car rental agency wherein Liz was required to rip some dumb functionary’s head off and shit down her neck we made our way into the city and met up with some old friends. Once we were properly inebriated acclimatized we found ourselves in North Beach, so naturally we got a slice at Golden Boy and went to a strip club. No we didn’t. Hi Mom.

This one was waaay too trashy

Not this one.

But one of these was just trashy enough.

But it might have been one of these. We met a delightful young lady named Venus and then some stuff happened. Then while we were wandering around outside taking in the atmosphere (there is so much atmosphere there!) and waiting for my friends to, um, finish up, we observed the following interchange between a stupid fucking frat boy (even though it wasn’t the weekend) and a guy with a sign that said “donations for alcohol research.”

Stupid Fucking Fratboy: Look at that fuckin’, crackhead’s sign!

Guy with sign: The sign says alcohol research, motherfucker. It doesn’t say shit about crack!

Guess whose side we were on?

Then we got more coffee and drove back across the bay.

Not quite the end….

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