SF Pt III: Chinatown, My One, My Only

Day 3 was family Chinatown excursion. Now for some of you that might be a boring death march requiring heavy anti-psychotics, but our family is cool. (Really, what did you expect?)

So six of us piled into the mystery van and headed to The City (you know the one). Of our delightful triplet cousins, only the dude was available. ( The girls were off being responsible at their forest service summer jobs.) So once again the poor kid spent his day surrounded by women. He’s a 16 year-old boy, so clearly we have similar senses of humor and he seemed to enjoy himself.

Until his mother made a joke about blowies.

Then, as soon as we walked into Chinatown my Aunt said something about huge sesame balls and the dude lost his shit. They were huge balls though.

HUGE Balls

From there on out it was mostly shopping. I love how you always think that those shops in Chinatown sell the same things, but they are far more weird and varied than you would ever expect. Sure, you can get embroidered slippers, parasols and a box of chirping crickets almost anywhere. But only in San Francisco’s Chinatown can you also get dollhouse furniture from the 70’s, a live jellyfish or duck, high-end jewelry and various dried animal tongues to wear around your neck.

Live AND Fresh

Best Shop. But You Can't See The Name

And then there was dim sum. Here.

He Said, Wait To Be Seated!

And a little more shopping. And then coffee. ’Cause our WHOLE FAMILY rolls like this, yo!

So that was Chinatown. I’m sure there will be more posts about our trip, but I’m tired of talking about it so we’re going to post about other stuff for a while. Suffice it to say, great trip, great friends, great family, great city. Now leave me alone.

I Wish This Was My Hardware Store

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