Cho ‘Nuff

We like and admire Margaret Cho for a number of reasons. Here are several of them.

1: She’s pretty. When we saw her at the Schnitzer on the first night of her new tour, Dependent, Margaret was dressed casually, but still looked gorgeous and was wearing awesome shoes. She also sported a very cool tattoo of a gun in a garter holster on her left thigh. Plus, she knows she’s hot and doesn’t give a fuck what you think.

2: She swears a lot. Duh. You know we love some fancy ladies with mouths like longshoremen.

3: Margaret Cho makes it ok for us to be part of the GLBT community, even though we’re straight. She loves cock and still thinks that it’s important to extend civil rights to everyone, everywhere. As little faghags growing up, we sometimes felt excluded from the community that we loved and supported. So we are grateful to Margaret for drawing us into that inner circle with her.

4. She talks about poop a lot. The poop humor in the beginning of Dependent is as funny as the story in Revolution about shitting her pants in her car on the freeway. This is a picture of Margaret Cho talking about pooping.

Yes, I Took it With My Cellphone. Shut the Fuck Up.

5. She has given me the perfect answer for bigots. The gay marriage dispute hits on a lot of converging issues in American political culture right now. Mostly though, it comes down to religion and the public’s fairly limited understanding of the actual constitution. Because this should not be an issue we are even called upon to address. Homosexuals should be given the same access to government sanctioned marriage as straight people. There’s no question about it. There’s no wiggle room in the call for separation of church and state. It’s not about your feelings, and frankly it’s not about mine. It’s about legislating for one groups morality and directly against another. Which is pretty much what the constitution is intended to protect us from. So there’s not really anything to talk about. Which is why from now on I intend to use Margaret’s reply when someone tells me that although they like gay people they don’t think they should be allowed to get married.

“Oh. Fuck you then.”

‘Nuff said.

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