You Stepped In Something

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.* And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve seen you. SNAP!

Jesus. Really?

I guess these are for people who are so fucking uncool that they can’t get dirt on their own shoes. Maybe they’re too shy to go to the stupid hipster electro-pop orchestral fart-music bar and get their toes legitimately stepped on by others of their smelly, cock-stached, girly-pantsed ilk. Too bad for them. Guess they’re going to have to pay one-hundred-and-fifty-fucking-dollars for a 30 dollar pair of shoes.

On a related note, these are the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Which is also saying a lot because I’ve seen your mom. Naked.

*Sorry Dom. You rock and are probably cool enough to get away with wearing stupid shoes.

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3 Responses to You Stepped In Something

  1. Katie says:

    Ok so these are shoes that come pre-dirtied? Really? Fucking stupid. I would love that to be my job though. How much do you think one gets paid to dirty up some Chuck Taylors? And oh, the flip-flops with socks? Can I get those with the plastic feet too so I don’t have to expose my own toes?

  2. Cousin Lisa says:

    First of all, those aren’t the right ones. His are all black leather and red trim. Secondly, they are awesome for dude shoes. In fact, they’re terribly fancy.

  3. Cousin Lisa says:

    Oh yeah,
    and I resemble that naked remark.

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