Think Of The Words!

The fabulous bitches over at Go Fug Yourself have drawn my attention to a battle so huge, so all-encompassing, that each of us must take part. The urgency of this call-to-arms blows that “End Petlessness” crap right the fuck out of the water.
You see, people are now so stupid that they don’t know how to use words any more. They know how to text “OMFGWTHHWTB?!” but they certainly can’t spell anything or tell the difference between “your” and “you’re.” So is it any wonder that the complicated and delightfully specific words of past eras are forgotten? No, it’s no wonder. But it’s a goddamm shame.
But now there’s something that we, the throwbacks, the literate can do to avert this growing crisis.
The OED is now offering us the opportunity to adopt a word. All one needs do is select a word that has fallen through the cracks of society and promise to use it in conversation or in print.

I have adopted 2 words. I figure I talk a lot and I can substitute my new shelter-words for a few “fucks” and “assholes.”
My newly adopted words, unlike adopted children, may become my favorites. They’re pretty adorable.

Venustation: Noun. The act of causing to become beautiful or handsome.
“I was going to help that guy out with a little venustation, but i realized that what was under the beard wasn’t worth the time.”

Sevidical: Adjective. Speaking cruel and harsh words.

“I know it sounds like I’m being sevidical, but that was a direct quote from your mom.”

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2 Responses to Think Of The Words!

  1. Miranda says:

    WELL SHIT. I thought I was all Dorothy Park clever-ass with my domain and then I find that you’re already rocking it over at wordpress. But anybody with tags that include murderous rage AND Twin Peaks AND hookers has got to be badass and hopefully will not despise me for doing something similar. Non-sevidical internetz friendsies?!?!1?

  2. Agreed. It’s not our fault if awesome people sometimes have similarly awesome ideas. Liz and I accidentally wear the same outfit half the time. We’ve decided to roll with it.

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