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Weird and Inappropriate: A Love Story

This post is actually for my friend Heather who asked about the dishtowels in my sausagefest post. Yay Heather! You win pictures of my strange dishtowels! So we have a wide range of vintage hand-stitched linens acquired through years of … Continue reading

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Holy Fucking Catacombs

Once I went to a club in Brixton that was in the catacombs under St Matthews Church. Well, the club wasn’t directly beneath the church, sort of more across the street, although I doubt there would have been much of … Continue reading

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Granny Whole-Chicken: The Exclusive

Note: This post was started way back in July after our trip to San Francisco, but at a certain point I got tired of writing about that trip and I’m sure you got tired of reading about it. But since … Continue reading

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Sausage Party! No Wait, Sausage Festival. (That Just Means More Sausage, Right?)

So as I may have mentioned, I like festivals. And fairs. And carnivals and fests and bazaars and harvest celebrations. I don’t like faires though, that’s for hippies. So, last week a few weeks ago my friend Ian (who also … Continue reading

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