Weird and Inappropriate: A Love Story

This post is actually for my friend Heather who asked about the dishtowels in my sausagefest post. Yay Heather! You win pictures of my strange dishtowels!

So we have a wide range of vintage hand-stitched linens acquired through years of assiduous purchasing, melancholy inheritance and light-fingeredness. Some of them are just funny like the quaint, 20’s bread-warming cloths that say “Hot Buns” and “Muss It Up, Chum!” Some are your typical 50’s housewife dishtowels with flowers and cheerful teakettles and kittens doing laundry. (OK listen, I don’t really like pets, but if anyone has a cat that can do laundry I will totally buy that shit from you.)
And then there are the stranger ones.

Yes, Those Are Cookies. We Are Quite Fucking Domestic.

Oh, I’m sorry, can you not quite make those out?

There he is, as promised. The weirdest fishing clown ever. Shut up, I said fishing. I have way weirder pictures of clowns doing that other thing.

Oh, and

Yeah, that’s pretty much a totally racially insensitive depiction of a baby in a cannibal pot. I pretty much bought it so no one else could. Well that and because, look at it.

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One Response to Weird and Inappropriate: A Love Story

  1. Heather says:

    I win! I win! I never win anything!
    Oh, Honey…those are the best. The baby in the pot? I’d have to say that is stranger than the clown. The purple hair adds a little je ne sais quoi.
    But hey—would you like a fishing clown?

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