Gone Fishing…

And this is what happens sometimes. You get into the car to go fishing. The Cramps are blaring on the stereo and your travelling companion is that person who needs no cajoling; Who has all the same bad ideas as you. And then sometimes you see an interesting-looking train tunnel. Naturally, given the circumstances, you pull over, climb under the fence and go exploring. Also, naturally, as you are halfway through the damp, dark and atmospheric tunnel, you hear a train whistle sound.

You discover that the shoes you are wearing, while attractive, aren’t very practical for fleeing from a train over rocky ground. You also discover that trains are fast! You remember high school. Running over the train trestle in the dark with braver boys. You press yourself to the graffittied wall of the tunnel and hold your breath as the train very literally bears down on you.


The engineer is angry. You see his face glowering out the window at you. Stupid kids. You realize that you are not dead. Then you remember that you have a camera.

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