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Weird and Inappropriate: A Love Story

This post is actually for my friend Heather who asked about the dishtowels in my sausagefest post. Yay Heather! You win pictures of my strange dishtowels! So we have a wide range of vintage hand-stitched linens acquired through years of … Continue reading

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Home Decor Idea Shout Out

Awesome! Thanks, badderhomesandgardens. Not only do you make me laugh and feel a little smarmy and smug every day, (great combo, by the way) but now you’ve given me a solution to my scrapey-antique-chair-leg problem. Now, my décor is more … Continue reading

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I Fucking Hate Bobble Heads

I fucking hate bobble-heads. Why would I, a fabulous person, want a cheap, plastic 3-D cartoon version of Betty White nodding at me inanely from my dashboard? Moreover, why would a fabulous person like Betty White ever want to be … Continue reading

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Perfection Has Feathers

This is a tippet. Emily Dickinson wore one, so obviously you plebs would know nothing about it. This might be the loveliest thing ever. I’m totally making myself one, so if you happen to raise ostriches… I’ll be needing feathers.

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