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Holy Fucking Catacombs

Once I went to a club in Brixton that was in the catacombs under St Matthews Church. Well, the club wasn’t directly beneath the church, sort of more across the street, although I doubt there would have been much of … Continue reading

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Is My Name Champ?

Every time I see Marcia Cross all saned-up and trying to sell me apple juice or what the fuck ever I’m just waiting for her to peel off her damn wig and reveal her crazy-evil plan of seduction and destruction … Continue reading

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San Francisco Part II: I’m not a fucking tourist

Seriously, I’m not. I used to go to these places when I lived in SF. So on our second day in the city we went to a few places that might be considered touristy. Shut the fuck up. I’ll go … Continue reading

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San Francisco Part I

San Francisco, July 2010 First night: Coming over the bridge, Ah, pretty! The drive to Ocean Beach at night, Golden Boy slices and friendly bars. We went to San Francisco, the “Happiest Place On Earth,” a few weeks ago and … Continue reading

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I Hold the Keys, Bitches

People say to me all the time; “Sara, you’re so glamorous, so well-informed! What is it that you do for a living?” You mean aside from being fucking awesome? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m a concierge. Now most of you … Continue reading

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