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Cocktails and Schemes

Graciousness.  Like a veranda or some bitch who sits upon a veranda, graciousness suffuses my life.  That is why I have a job where I spread my graciousness to help the world be sweeter, more considerate, just plain better. I … Continue reading

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SF Pt III: Chinatown, My One, My Only

Day 3 was family Chinatown excursion. Now for some of you that might be a boring death march requiring heavy anti-psychotics, but our family is cool. (Really, what did you expect?) So six of us piled into the mystery van … Continue reading

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San Francisco Part II: I’m not a fucking tourist

Seriously, I’m not. I used to go to these places when I lived in SF. So on our second day in the city we went to a few places that might be considered touristy. Shut the fuck up. I’ll go … Continue reading

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San Francisco Part I

San Francisco, July 2010 First night: Coming over the bridge, Ah, pretty! The drive to Ocean Beach at night, Golden Boy slices and friendly bars. We went to San Francisco, the “Happiest Place On Earth,” a few weeks ago and … Continue reading

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